17 Degrees North - An Exclusive Members Only Club in Hyderabad

17° North beckons those who flourish at the forefront of existence and hold their pursuits dear. It stands as a secluded haven for the youthful, affluent, and renowned, all seeking to uncover an unorthodox path to contentment

Mingle with the elite

Mingle with the eliteForging Boundless Connections

17° North stands as a beacon of distinction, purposefully cultivating an atmosphere of informality while fostering environments that seamlessly blend business and leisure. Here, the convergence of diverse experiences instils a profound sense of belonging, elevating the essence of camaraderie to new heights.

Join the Elite
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Ending Of BoredomCrafting Lasting Memories

At 17° North, we collaborate with prestigious event planners and esteemed partners of global renown, orchestrating unparalleled experiences in extraordinary settings and ambiance. These curated events leave an indelible mark, evoking enduring emotions that linger as cherished memories. Attuned to your desires, we excel in fulfilling them with precision and finesse.

Elevate Your Lifestyle
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What Awaits YouThe Distinguishing Element

Balancing modernity with tradition, and blending classic sophistication with contemporary edge, 17° North represents a unique mix of luxury and refinement. Within our enclave, the convergence of individuals of discerning wealth and refined taste transcends the ordinary. Here, we set a new paradigm of excellence.

Discover Exclusivity
exclusive members only club

Cultivate the SensesBroaden your Horizons

Nestled within six hectares of meticulously landscaped parkland, adorned with lush vegetation and inviting pathways, 17° North Club stands as a testament to unparalleled grandeur. While perfection remains elusive to most, it finds its embodiment within these hallowed grounds.

Experience True Serenity

Core Values

Aparna Group has always been driven by its values. 17° North aims at driving the group’s core values for its members to redefine excellence.

17 degrees north integrity


17 degrees north core values

We will be honest and transparent to all our members and stakeholders through our conduct.

17 degrees north transparency


17 degrees north core values

We believe in high transparency with all our customers, employees and stakeholders as we believe in being open and accountable in our business.

17 degrees north responsibility


17 degrees north core values

We will deliver excellence with responsibility to all our members and stakeholders. We are also committed to be responsible for environmental and social causes.

17 degrees north innovation


17 degrees north core values

We believe in being creative and innovative as our aim is to deliver differentiated service to create a valuable product for our members.


17 degrees north core values

We are passionate about excelling at everything we do. And committed to promote merit and set high standards.


Shape Your 21 st Century Experiences

17° North was conceived in 2020 to be one of the most exclusive ‘members only’ club in Hyderabad. This concept today, is well on its way of becoming a reality. We have had ample time to ponder over our ideas… flesh out the details… and allocate the resources to enable us to bring to life amazing experiences and services. This perhaps is also the only reason why we are limited in membership.

Value Appreciates Exponentially, Forever!

17° North is one of the world's most exclusive member only clubs. Look upon it as an invaluable investment that will make you re-discover the pursuit of happiness at leisure. Born to be different… live to be extraordinary… forever!